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Integrity, 1903 Wilbur Morse Friendship Sloop

Integrity, 1903 Wilbur Morse Friendship Sloop

Some re-rigs. Some mast moves. And Sea Smoke from this winter in Rockland Harbor.  You can’t even see the breakwater.  2014 was a very busy year.  Looking forward to 2015 to be just as crazy busy, and the snow has not gone yet!

Photos of Integrity, Prevail’s mast move, Raven (a Muscongus Bay 18 being launched), Pipeline 3 (about to head to Newport,RI)
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Caught another one!

The Spar Trailer was in action again today in Belfast.  French and Webb had a 60′ mast and boom that needed to be moved out of storage to the waterfront staging area.  Things went well.  Didn’t take out any traffic signs or pedestrians in downtown Belfast.  And no scratches!

Dealer Seminar at Hall Spars

March 6th,  Visited Hall Spars for a dealer seminar.  What a treat to stare down the open maw of a 150′ autoclave that you can stand in!  No photos were allowed.  Top secret proprietary systems.  We did see a tidal generator being put together, as well as a 147′ Reichel Pugh mast.  Very interesting and Not Stupid!  We were also exposed to the process of fabricating carbon standing rigging.  Sign me up.